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amonshinpi: Hi my graphic novel club plans to have a meeting about the introduction to cosplay. What tips or topics should we discuss. We also plan to have another meeting on how cosplay isn't consent & discrimination in the cosplay community. Thanks in advance.

Super late response is super late so youve probably already had the discussion but we’ll leave some tips anyway. Main thing is cosplay is for fun. Sure there is a competative aspect of it with the contests and all but if your cosplay isnt “up to par” with that, dont worry about it. As long as you love it and are proud of it thats all that matters. Also if you need to buy your costumes you shouldnt be ashamed of that. Not everyone is artistically inclined. That doesnt make you a bad cosplayer nor does that mean you should have to miss out on the fun of it.

Talk about the highlights and dangers of a convention. Its hard to explain to someone how their first time going will be especially if they are in costume but you can give them an idea on what to look for and how to stay safe. Have a list of resources for them to check out if they need help with costumes, props or just cosplay in general. Also try to get a list of reputable sites to buy from. As a new cosplayer sometimes its hard to decide who to throw your money at. Be sure to let them know that if they are going in costume they should be prepared to be stopped for pictures. Sometimes that can be overwhelming for a newcomer.

Expenses are a good heads up to give too. Honestly I wish I would have known around how much I had to spend for my first con. Hotel, badge, food, even miscellaneous things. I hardly scraped by. An estimate is a good place to start as far as the bare minimum. You can calculate how much someone will spend in the dealers room but you can give them some ideas on what theyll find there and about how much everyone charges.

As far as the other stuff goes if a comment is made that you arent comfortable with, dont be afraid to say something. Just like in real life if some creep is bugging you, do something. Being in a costume doesn mean youre “asking for it”. Not eveyone plays nice on the playground so if there are people being jerks about your costume, who cares really? You arent there for them nor did you wear that costume for their approval. You dont have to be a jerk about it. Im not telling anyone to start a fight if you can avoid one. All im saying is that the opinions of others shouldnt hold more value than your opinion of yourself. Dont let negativity ruin your good time.

Anonymous: If a chubby and little dark skinned girl cosplayed will she be discriminated?

She might be, but should she? No, absolutely not. Good thing we dont descriminate here :)

hatfish: I just wanted to say I'm really happy that your blog exists. Your posts make me feel so much more welcome in the cosplay community :)

I’m really happy you exist! I’m glad this blog helps you. Thanks so much for the kind words :)